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Lawn Maintenance

Yearly lawn service contracts now available

Included in your service:

  • Mowing, edging, triming and blowing
  • Shrub trimming each spring and fall
  • Aeration, seed, fertilizer and lime in fall
  • Continual weed maintenance of all beds, weed control
  • Weed control application in yard, both granular and spraying
  • Leaf removal

Schedule of fertilization:

  • March 10th: Pre-emergent
  • May 10th: Second Pre-emergent application
  • June 10th: 5-10-31 fertilizer
  • September 10th - October 10th: Aeration
  • December 10th: Winterizer
  • January 10th: Lime

From May through September, we will also be applying liquid weed killer as needed.

*Mulch and pine needles are not included in this package

**This is a by-the-month service (not by the cut). This means if we miss a cut due to weather or other circumstances, the monthly payment will still be the same. There are several months with 5 weeks so it all balances out.